Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Bonus Music Tracks

BioWare announced on Facebook that in addition to the daily tracks they're giving us eight bonus tracks today:

Every day we have brought you a new musical score from STAR WARS: The Old Republic. Today we have reached an incredible milestone, we have reached 500,000 ‘likes’ right here on Facebook! As an extra reward for reaching half a million ‘likes’, we are releasing 8 additional bonus tracks of music for your listening enjoyment! Thank you again for your continued support and may the Force be with you.

You can find them and all the other tracks released so far in my original music post.


Demetrios Kehagias said...

I just think that it is amazing! I love the fact that they incorporated the music from the movies with some original scores that mesh with that written by John Williams. I can't wait to get into the game and blast the sound!

Dr Revan said...

Star Wars has the best music period.

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