Sunday, 5 June 2011

E3 2011 Links

E3 2011, starting Monday, is promising to bring a whole lot of information on Star Wars: The Old Republic. In an attempt to keep track of all of it this post will list all the links (to articles and videos and such) that I've come across. Read on after the break for the list.

I will list the links by date, specifically the date that I'm adding them to this post. This way it should be relatively easy to follow which ones you've seen and which ones you haven't yet. I will probably also make separate posts, but I haven't quite decided yet to what degree to repeat links in them (or just refer back to this post).

With each link I'll add tags to give you an idea of what kind of information it is. As of this writing I'm using the following tags (list will be expanded as I add new links that require new tags):

  • [general] A general information page or site. For for anything that doesn't fit any of the other tags.
  • [interview] An interview with one of BioWare's developers (or possibly EA/LucasArts) about The Old Republic.
  • [trailer] A trailer, either gameplay or cinematic.
  • [preview] An article describing part of the game or video of developers demonstrating the game (generally not hands-on).
  • [hands-on] An article or video showing hands-on experience with the game. For videos this is generally gameplay footage and for articles descriptions of direct gameplay experience.
  • [video] The link leads to a video. Used together with another tag (so "[interview] [video]" is a video interview). If this tag isn't included then the link is a text article instead.

Here are the links:

  • Sunday 5 June 2011
    • [link] to "The Old Republic at E3 2011" article at swtor. [general]
    • [link] to "EA at E3 2011" page at EA. [general]
    • [link] to "Road to E3" article at IGN. [general]
    • [link] to E3 Preview Trailer at GameSpot. [trailer] [video]
    • [link] to E3 preview interview at GameSpot. [interview]
    • [link] to interview with Daniel Erickson at GameSpot. [interview] [video]
  • Monday 6 June 2011
    • [link] to "Return" Intro Cinematic at SWTOR. [trailer] [video]
    • [link] to "Choice" cinematic trailer at Massively. [trailer] [video]
    • [link] to raiding article at Kotaku. [preview]
  • Tuesday 7 June 2011
    • [link] to interview with Daniel Erickson at YouTube. [interview] [video]
    • [link] to Razer accessories news at Massively. [general] [video]
    • [link] to Trooper gameplay (part 1) at GameSpot. [hands-on] [video]
    • [link] to Trooper gameplay (part 2) at GameSpot. [hands-on] [video]
    • [link] to Imperial Agent experience at Massively. [hands-on]
  • Wednesday 8 June 2011
    • [link] to Operation: Eternity Vault trailer at SWTOR. [trailer] [video]
    • [link] to Tatooine Hands-On at GameSpot. [hands-on]
    • [link] to live gameplay demo at EA. [preview] [video]
    • [link] to preview article at IGN. [preview]
    • [link] to interview with Gabe Amatangelo at Gametrailers. [interview] [video]
    • [link] to stage demo at GameSpot. [preview] [video]
    • [link] to impressions at TenTonHammer. [preview] [hands-on]
    • [link] to preview at MMORPG. [preview]
    • [link] to raid interview with Daniel Erickson at Gametrailers. [interview] [video]
  • Thursday 9 June 2011
    • [link] to Tatooine Developer Walkthrough at SWTOR. [preview] [video]
    • [link] to interview With Daniel Erickson at Darth Hater. [interview]
    • [link] to LiveCam Tour at GameSpot. [interview] [video] (until 1:15 min)
  • Friday 10 June 2011
    • [link] to Gameplay Features at SWTOR. [trailer] [video]
    • [link] to E3 recap at SWTOR. [general]
    • [link] to Razer peripherals at SWTOR. [general]
    • [link] to preview at Shacknews. [preview]
    • [link] to impressions at MMORPG. [preview]
    • [link] to impressions at Kotaku. [preview]
    • [link] to Tatooine walkthrough at Tap-Repeatedly. [preview]
    • [link] to preview at The Escapist. [preview]
  • Monday 13 June 2011
    • [link] to preview at 1UP. [preview]
    • [link] to second hand hands-on at GamesIndustry (Eurogamer). [hands-on]
I'll add new links as I come across them.

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