Friday, 29 October 2010

Imperial Agent Intel

It seems that there is a leak somewhere in Imperial Intelligence, as today a whole lot of classified information on the Imperial Agent has been made public. (Okay, so it was really just BioWare doing their usual Friday update, but I thought that sounded more interesting). We got information on their Advanced Classes, on one of their companions, on one of the alien species they can be, on their spaceship and even a gameplay video. Here is the official news:
The Imperial Agent class delivers an experience unlike any other in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, and this week, we’re excited to share new details that highlight what makes the Agent so unique.

Learn about the Agent’s Advanced Classes and the combat tactics they rely on. Specialize as a Sniper and leverage distance and concealment to get an edge on your enemies, or master stealth, surprise, and combat medicine to become a versatile and deadly Operative.

In addition, check out the following updates for more intel on the Imperial Agent class:
  • If you’re looking for a companion with attitude, visit the Biographies section to read about the Agent’s dangerously charming Rattataki companion, Kaliyo.
  • Aliens are incredibly rare among the ranks of Imperial Intelligence, but if that sounds like your kind of character, be sure to inspect the new Chiss Inhabitants page for information on this enigmatic species.
  • The Imperial Agent’s sleek starship is one of the most unique models in the galaxy. Check out the X-70B Phantom-Class Prototype in the starships section to get a tour.
  • Last but not least, watch the new class gameplay video to get a look at the Agent in action!
I must say that I'm really liking the sound of the Imperial Agent class. It's definitely going to be my class if I play Empire. In fact, I'm considering switching my main to it (though the lure of the lightsaber is strong). I mean, I just love the sleek design of that ship, just look at it:

Additionally I've got some character design for an Imperial Agent that's more evolved at the moment than what I've got for my Jedi, so who knows. Maybe I'll just have two main characters and alternate between them. But yeah, quite enjoyed today's update.

Oh, and George Zoeller had a quite note on the forums about the Agent's healing ability compared to the Smuggler's:
Agents and smugglers are equally capable on the healing front.
And that's it. Have a happy Halloween.

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