Monday, 11 January 2010

Holiday Updates

Having returned from vacation, squarely into the new year, and back to work I've got some three weeks of Friday updates to catch up on. I could list those in chronological order, but instead I'll be contrary and list them from least-to-most interesting.

So we'll start with the next issue of the Threat of Peace comic, number 23. Here's the official news:
The twenty-third issue of Threat of Peace™ brings us beneath the surface of Dantooine where Sith Lords Baras and Angral are waiting in the planet’s ancient crystal caves; they know the Jedi will attack. Sure enough, Master Dar’Nala leads Jedi Knight Fortris Gall and Lieutenant Tavus to the caves to slay the Sith and lay the blame on them for destroying the peace treaty. When Jedi Knight Satele Shan tracks down her friends and realizes her Master yet lives, however, anything can happen…

Check out the latest issue of Threat of Peace now.
Next up is a BioWare Blog entry on the Imperial Agent, titled "Top Secret: Dossier on the Imperial Agent!". Here's an excerpt:
Secrets of the Imperial Agent

That’s enough background and context. Let’s talk specifically about what you’re going to see and do in the Imperial Agent class story.

It all starts on Hutta, where XXX XXXXXX is trying to XXXX the XXXXXXXXXX of XXXXXX the Hutt. After XXX XXXXX XXXXXXX, the Imperial Agent XX XXXX XX XXXXXXXXXXX X XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXX on behalf of Darth XXXXX. He’ll work alongside a genetically enhanced XXXXXXX, encounter double-agents and triple-agents, betray XXX XXX XXXXXX or perform atrocities in the name of the Empire. The Imperial Agent will need to determine his own loyalties and the loyalties of those around him, and survive the attentions of XXXXXXX successor, the Sith Lord XXXXX XXXXXXX.

The Republic military, the SIS and the Jedi will all have a part to play as well, and that’s just the beginning—enough to give you a taste without spoiling what’s to come.
A couple of days ago BioWare announced another planet, the planet of Dromund Kaas, Imperial Seat of Power. Here's the official news:
Colonized and built upon by the Sith Empire, Dromund Kaas is home to the Emperor and his Dark Council. Almost completely forgotten for over a thousand years, the rediscovery of this world prompted the Sith surprise attacks that plunged the entire galaxy headlong into war. Despite being “off the map” by comparison to more heavily visited planets, such as the training world of Korriban, Dromund Kaas is very much the center of the Empire. Although the Emperor himself seems to have fallen silent recently, his Dark Council may have awakened a dangerous, hidden power within the planet’s jungles and ruins.

Access the HoloNet records to learn more about the mysterious past, and uncertain future of Dromund Kaas. Also, explore Dromund Kaas in this planet flythrough video, and be sure to check out the media section to see the latest wallpapers, screenshots, and concept art!
You can find the entry for Dromund Kaas on Wookieekepida. I can't help though but feel that the name sounds... cheesy (because "kaas" in my native tongue means "cheese"). ;)

Oh, and here's the wallpaper for the new planet; sceenshots and concept art you can find on the planet's HoloNet page.

And last is the Christmas update; a new developer dispatch video titled "Designing the Dark Side". Here is the official news:
Inspired by notorious characters such as Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader, the Sith Inquisitor and Sith Warrior take different approaches to their rise to power. The Sith Warrior achieves victory through pure aggression and might while the Sith Inquisitor excels by cunning ambition and Force manipulation.

From storyline, to art style, to combat tactics, each design decision was made to support the dark side themes of power, domination, and destruction.

Watch Developer Dispatch: Designing the Dark Side, and learn how Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ developers created this dominating force.
And that's it for now; will keep updating when I come across more news.

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