Friday, 4 December 2009

The November Press Event, Part 2

There's a few more articles from the November press event, first a couple as listed in Sean's updated post:
Going to a galaxy far far away with The Old Republic
Let's be real: the most exciting elements of The Old Republic would be those features that are distinctly BioWare. With over a year's worth of voice-over, each character class will have distinct plot lines with proper acting. Conversations, too, are acted out directly using the real-time dialogue systems of Mass Effect and Dragon Age. With eight character classes split between the two factions, and each offering completely different plot elements, there is a huge amount of story in The Old Republic.
Giant Bomb
Star Wars: The Old Republic Interview (video)
Ryan talks new classes, companion characters, and more with Mr. Christine of BioWare.
Game Informer
Star Wars: The Old Republic - Video Interview
There’s a lot of buzz in the air over Bioware’s Star Wars MMO set in the KOTOR time period. There’s also a lot of tidbits users are still itching to know. We sat Lead Writer Daniel Erickson down and had him go over everything from how the game ties into Star Wars cannon to the newest class announcements: The Sith Inquisitor and Jedi Consular. There’s also some good new info in there about the new companions in the game and how they will make MMO gameplay work for whatever size party you play in.
Two of those are videos, so let me embed those here as well:

[UPDATE] The embed of the second video didn't seem to work, so removed that one. Instead just go there directly.

And finally there's a couple that Sean hasn't put in his post yet (though I'm sure he will soon). Let me list those in the same format as Sean's list:

Star Wars: The Old Republic Hands On
A long time ago in a demo far, far away we found ourselves waiting to see the final two classes for Star Wars: The Old Republic. BioWare and LucasArts had already revealed six of the eight total classes for the game (Jedi Knight, Smuggler and Trooper for the Republic and Sith Warrior, Imperial Agent and Bounty Hunter for the Sith) but there were still two spots at the bottom of the roster that had yet to be filled in. Today we're able to reveal that the two new classes are the Jedi Consular and the Sith Inquisitor. BioWare and LucasArts gave us a thorough demo of each new class and even allowed us to spend some hands on time in the Sith Inquisitor's opening chapters.
Star Wars: The Old Republic - Preview
I've been waiting a long time to go hands-on with Star Wars: The Old Republic, the upcoming Star Wars MMORPG set during, well, the Old Republic. At a recent LucasArts event, I finally had my chance. In addition to that, this is the first time I've had a chance to write extensively about the game (outside of my nerd rage over the first screenshots). We (myself, David, and Scooter) were treated to the reveal of the final two character classes, the importance of companions, class customization, and saw the Imperial Agent class in action. I don't currently play MMOs -- the last one being the ill-fated Star Wars Galaxies -- but since Old Republic plays more like a single-player RPG set in an online world (and I'm more than familiar with Star Wars), nothing felt that alien to me once the presentation started up.
Star Wars: The Old Republic Interview: Companions, Romance, No Alien Side-Boob
Got something you'd like to know about BioWare's upcoming MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic? After playing around with a Sith Inquistor for about 20 minutes, I had plenty of questions for Producer Blaine Christine. Unfortunately, stumpers like, "Hey, when's this game coming out?" and, "What's the level cap, anyway?" all earned me a whole lot of we-haven't-talked-about-it-yets.

So while we didn't talk about all kinds of amazing stuff, we did talk about storytelling, romance and sex in BioWare games, and the recently announced companion feature -- players will pick up their very own Chewbacca- and R2-D2-esque followers. Perhaps even a Jar Jar, if you're lucky! But I can't talk about that.
One quote that I found interesting from the IGN article is the following: "The Inquisitor uses basic saber strikes to build up Force energy which he can then unleash in stunning lightning attacks" That gives me some hope, if it works like that for the Consular as well, that the Consular might be able to me played as a melee healer (using melee attacks to build up the Force to use for healing). But then, considering how a number of articles say how drastically different the Inquisitor and Consular actually play it's probably a vain hope.

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