Thursday, 12 March 2009

NowGamer BioWare Q&A

The site NowGamer has a Q&A with BioWare('s CEO Ray Muzyka) up. It talks a bit about where they are now with EA, looks at the past and the future of their games.

It's a decent read, but most of all it speaks of a certain passion that BioWare has for games and making certain that they deliver quality entertainment.

Here's an excerpt that briefly talks about Star Wars: The Old Republic:
Sony has been making a lot of noise about making the PS3 into a major platform for MMO (massively multiplayer online) gaming. Is that something BioWare will want in on?

Maybe. There’s challenges with the interface – making sure that the features players expect in an MMO are enabled and are feasible on a console. If those can be overcome, and I think it would be a good challenge to try, then yeah… people like playing with other players. That’s true whether it’s a limited multiplayer setting or a massive multiplayer setting.
Star Wars: The Old Republic we’ve only talked about PC, and that’s our development focus. Will we explore other systems in the future for other MMO games in the future? Yeah, maybe. We have nothing we’ve announced on that front. Our main focus with The Old Republic is to make sure that the PC version of the game is awesome, and to make sure that it’s a high quality experience.

So from that, no definite word on SW:TOR on consoles as they're focusing on PC right now. Which, considering that I'm a PC gamer, is good news for me.

Anyway, enjoy the read.

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