Friday, 23 April 2010

Combat Developer Diary

So it seems that while I was asleep Friday came early. Or at least Bioware's Friday update did; I think the day itself still came at the regularly scheduled time. Though the official update should be up on the TOR site later today, BioWare has given GameTrailers the exclusive rights to post the video a day early. And this video documentary focuses on combat in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Watch the video over on GameTrailers, or the embedded version below:

Looking quite impressive. As Syp noted it's easy to envision yourself playing the game based on those videos.

Darth Hater have already done their usual breakdown of the video as well. And of course the official forums are abuzz with the new video as well.

Definitely looking great.


And the official news is live:
Whether you dream of beating the odds with just your luck and a blaster, or imagine restoring order to the galaxy with Force powers and a Lightsaber, you’ll have your chance in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™.

We’ve talked a lot about how The Old Republic is innovating on storytelling in MMOs, and now we want to share with you how combat in The Old Republic will deliver a new level of excitement for fans. Check out our latest Video Documentary that focuses on Combat to get an inside look at how we’re bringing dynamic Star Wars™ action to life in Star Wars: The Old Republic!

Watch Combat in The Old Republic now!

Should be a high resolution downloadable version up in a while as well I think.

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