Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Imperial Agent Demo Walkthrough

Blame Dragon Age: Origins for me neglecting to post this earlier, but over at Darth Hater they posted a walkthrough of a demo they got a few days ago. Members of the Darth Hater staff were flown over to get a personal demonstration of the new Imperial Agent class and in the article they describe their findings.

Here's an excerpt:
Daniel Erickson, lead writer and the man behind the machine for this demo, explained that the Imperial Agent is designed to approach combat situations intelligently, setting up a plan of attack and then executing on that plan, as opposed to just going in guns a-blazing. His first example of this approach was an “Exploding Probe” that the Agent could send out from behind cover. This probe moved to the target and began hovering, with the mob completely oblivious to its existence. The Agent then shot the target and, at the first tick of damage, the probe also exploded causing a cascade of damage that killed the enemy.
There's quite some nice insights in there.

Additionally their latest podcast includes the audio version of the interview with Jake Neri that I pointed out before. In between segments of the interview they comment on what was said as well as what they saw in the demonstration they got.

Thanks to the Darth Hater team for giving us all those details.

[link] to demo walkthrough at Darth Hater.
[link] to podcast at Darth Hater.

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